Spoil yourself with simplicity…

XO COCONUT® came from a love of making healthy body care products for our family. We wanted an alternative to bar soap with the long, questionable ingredient list. Our soap is handcrafted from saponified raw, organic, virgin coconut oil. Nothing more, nothing less. We create with your health in mind, always.  ~ Jeff and Jenny

From a place of beauty. Handcrafted in small batches in Northern California with the finest organic, virgin coconut oil nature has to offer, our soap is pure decadence from head to toe.

All the good stuff!

And none of the bad!

  • Vegan – All Natural
  • Made From Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Cold-Pressed
  • Good For You From Your Head Down to Your Toes
  • No Artificial Colors or Scents
  • No Animal Fats or Synthetic Chemicals
  • No Animal Testing

See how wonderful simplicity can be.

Our saponified coconut oil soap is handcrafted with love in Northern California. Experience the luxury of our pure coconut oil soap and enjoy how it naturally makes your skin feel fresh, clean, and healthy! The best soap is made from minimal ingredients; XO is always handcrafted from organic, raw, virgin coconut oil.

What is saponification?

Saponification is an exothermic (gives off heat) chemical reaction that occurs when fats or oils (fatty acids) come into contact with sodium hydroxide (a base). Saponification literally means “turning into soap” from the root word, “sapo,” which is Latin for soap. The by-products of the saponification reaction, in which the fatty acid and the base combine, are glycerin and soap. Saponified oils are those that are transformed to a hardened state during the soap making process.

Say hello to happy skin!

The benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has many uses, including skin moisturizing. Its powerful moisturizing abilities can help relieve dry or flaking skin. Unlike your average moisturizer, primarily water and likely synthetic ingredients, coconut oil helps to strengthen skin tissue more deeply and eliminates dead skin cells while absorbing quickly into your skin.

It is not only used in tropical countries, where coconut plantations are abundant, but all across the globe, people are discovering the wonders of this oil. Research has finally uncovered the secrets to this amazing fruit, namely healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids.


Some of the goodness in coconut oil

Saturated Fats: Predominantly, the saturated fats in coconut oil are medium-chain fatty acids or triglycerides. When applied to the skin, they keep it smooth to the touch. Due to the presence of these fats, coconut oil also retains the moisture content of the skin, as the fats eliminate moisture loss through the pores.

Capric/Caprylic/Lauric Acid: While similar to the medium chain fatty acids, mentioning them separately here is important because of their unique contributions. These three fatty acids have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. As a result, when applied to the skin, coconut oil protects from infectious microbes that can get into open wounds or even enter the body through the pores.

Beauty benefits of extra virgin coconut oil soap

You’ve probably heard a lot about the wonders of coconut and all the health benefits of consuming coconut oil. But did you know about all the topical benefits of coconut oil soap?

Using XO COCONUT® oil soap containing coconut oil is a convenient way to treat your skin to all of the coconut’s miraculous benefits. XO COCONUT® oil soap is quite different from regular soap as it contains all the goodness of pure extra virgin coconut oil.

This hydrating and nourishing soap infuses all the goodness of coconut oil into the skin without depleting its natural oils. It is highly cleansing and conditioning to the skin and produces a wonderfully bubbly, creamy lather. It is rich in fatty acids, which help to remove blemish-causing dirt, bacteria, and dead skin, and contains vitamins s E and K that can help improve skin health.

XO COCONUT® gives you what your skin needs without all the additives it doesn’t.