Food Fanaticism

Food Fanaticism 01

I know you’ve met them. Those people who are so devoted to their way of eating that they will defend it at all costs as the ONLY way to eat. You’ve seen their criticism on other SM sites, telling anyone and everyone that they are doing it wrong. This is simply crazy-making. Food Fanaticism.

I must confess there were times in the past when I had those thoughts while scrolling through IG or FB posts. During the first six months or so of overhauling the way we eat, it was perfection or nothing in this house, and let’s face it, that simply isn’t a healthy, or realistic, way to go through life.

The greatest lesson I have learned through Food Fanaticism is that there is no perfect way to eat that works for every body. It is about trial and error. You might take penicillin and it will work just great while the next guy breaks out in a terrible rash. See what I’m saying? No two people have the same chemical makeup, so how could one way of eating work for everyone? I love how Chris Kresser talks about using Paleo as a template rather than a diet.  It seems like a much healthier approach.

Most of our posts revolve around Paleo/Primal, but you will never find us preaching that it is the only way to go. It has worked best for us, so we are sticking with it, but we have moments off the Paleo Wagon from time to time, and it’s okay and necessary sometimes. Don’t let unrealistic goals of perfection inhibit you from enjoying yourself. If what you are doing works for you, fantastic! if not, switch it up and ALWAYS………Listen to your body! <3